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The International Fashion of Carmen Martell and Carmelita Couture

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Carmen Martell’s Carmelita Couture collection is an eclectic mix of urban street chic and classic glamour.

Carmen’s designs are inspired by the elegance of Milan, the art and culture of Berlin, the multi-cultural blend of New York, and the fashion freedom of Tokyo. Her label fuses the architecture of urban fashion, the street art scene, and the flexibility of beauty and design to create a sense of identity within the world based upon each individual look.

Carmelita Couture is also inspired by travel abroad—the jet set lifestyle within our global culture. The line’s greatest inspiration is based on the desire to dress in a fun and individualistic way, honoring the classics with wearable lines, bold prints and colors. In essence, the label emphasizes beauty and daring, combined with a fascinating cultural mix. This clothing is fashion candy—fun, colorful, and ultra-feminine. In this sense, the glamorous ‘70’s re-emerges with vintage hot pink plaid, classy red & white stripes, and bright hues.

Each print is custom designed with emphasis on cultures that enjoy fashion, color, and personality. The look breathes of originality, from New York street wear to the soft blue suede and plastic mini-dress style of Tokyo club culture.

Carmelita Couture welcomes you to a revolution in fashion, presenting artful design for anywhere in the world.

Carmen Martell

Carmen Martell

Carmelita Couture Fashion
Designer Carmel Martell,
wearing the Lydia, a silk
jersey mini with empire
waste and a custom retro
-inspired print

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